It’s been about six months since we all learned that COVID-19 was to have a profound impact on our lives as both human beings and as investors.

It’s often been said that the most dangerous words in the investment business are “it’s different this time.” To be sure, few good things happen after uttering those words, but I’ve found more immediate pain meted out by the markets when I say “the market is wrong.”

A Layman’s Plea for Tolerance of Catholics And so we’ve entered the Christmas season, a beautiful and wondrous time of year in which people of all faiths try to be a little nicer to one another, meet up with old friends and distant family, and engage in some nostalgia, both happy and sorrowful, for times gone by.

Come il presidente di una societa’ di analasi dell’andamento economica di Wall Street, e’ difficile per me evitare le notizie quotidiane della mia terra materna. Negli ultimi anni, i miei soggiorni in una piccolo citta’ sul mare vicino a Lucca sono diventati una fonte importante di riposo e di un ricupero della mia prospettiva della vita.